Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Knit One, Purl One, Knit Lots!

I have always enjoyed knitting baby clothes – they don’t take as long to finish, and there is always a grateful recipient for them [young mums at Church, teaching colleagues, or one of the many charities around] But in three months from now, I am hoping to be a grandmother. So I have been knitting lots of stuff for Liz.

bsj and fish

Just after she announced the pregnancy, I spotted the Sirdar #264 “Gorgeous Babies” book, in a shop in Christchurch – with a sample of the fish… jumper alongside. I was enchanted - so I decided to treat myself to the book and some yarn – and produced the jumper in a week or so. The pattern book has 30 designs and goes up to primary school sizes, so I should get my money’s worth. The yellow jacket is from Debbie Bliss ‘Knits to Give’ and the Bootees from Zoë Mellor’s ‘50 baby bootees to knit’. The three along the bottom are Elizabeth Zimmerman’s BSJs.

I have agreed with Liz that should she not want any of the garments I make, they will go into the cupboard at church, to be sent to the Romanian babies. I get pleasure from making these garments, but they don’t all have to stay in the family!


  1. Congratulations on the forthcoming baby, The knitted garments are lovely. Is the colour a hint?

    1. We won't know till the baby arrives if it is a boy or a girl!

  2. Congratulations on both the imminent arrival making you a grandmother and the speed with which you have knitted the jumper - the fish being rather appropriate for you as a lay preacher? I have been knitting a jumper for my hairdresser's little boy now one year old and it's been taking me weeks! I must be out of practice!

  3. Congratulations on your forthcoming Grandmotherhood (is that a word?) You will have such fun knitting and sewing!

  4. Oh, how lovely. Congratulations to the grandparents and the parents to be. Will include everyone in my prayersxxxxxx

  5. Wonderful. Many congratulations to the whole family.

    I think we all need some uplifting news.

  6. Congratulations on your lovely news. Do you enjoy knitting toys? Paul's Mum knitted teddies and all sorts of stuff for Emma! Also useful for refugees and orphans if there are too many x

  7. Congratulations Angela, your heart will fill to bursting when you hold your Grandchild!

  8. Going to be one very well dressed baby! Congratulations to all. x


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