Wednesday, 14 March 2018

I Hope I Never Stop Learning...

...there are lessons to be learned [and re-learned] every day. If somebody thinks they know everything, then they obviously don't.
So what things have I learned - or relearned - in recent weeks?
Some trivial, some useful. Some things are 'life hacks' - others just bits of general knowledge which amused me.
1- I first posted this one more than seven years ago on a Top Tips for Christmas Post  In extremely cold weather, put your clean underwear on the radiator before you go to bed. The joy of warm pants on a freezing morning is a small treat to make you smile as you start the day.

2- If you are planning to cycle to the supermarket for groceries make sure to carry a basket, do NOT push a trolley round the store. If you are carrying a basket, you'll stop loading it when it gets too heavy - with a trolley, it is easy to forget just how much weight you can safely carry in your bike panniers
3 - Monday March 12th was National Napping Day, according to my friend Mags. But further investigation revealed that's only in the USA - it is the day after they put the clocks forward for Daylight Saving. We have to wait a couple more weeks. However, I was excited to discover the German word for nap is strichrichtung. Then I found that was for nap in the sense of the pile on fabric [so, cocoon me in corduroy, nestle me in needlecord, envelop me in velvet...]
4-if booking train tickets for a Sunday, check about engineering works. I forgot last time, and the journey took twice as long as I'd expected.

5 -if your daughter is thoughtful enough to give you a rainproof saddle cover, remember to put it in when you padlock the bike outside the store. It is no fun cycling home with a damp bottom!
6- Although matin is the French word for morning, a matin√©e was originally any type of daytime performance. In England the word has come to mean just afternoon events. Babies do not usually go to the theatre - the term 'matin√©e jacket' refers to a short garment worn for an afternoon outing. 
7 - Even if you are really looking forward to watching the latest Scandicrime in Real Time, record it anyway. You are bound to fall asleep before the end of the episode! And try not to stress out about the fact you are planning to travel on the London Underground next week.

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  1. When are you coming to London? We should totally meet if possible!

    This is a great set of things to learn. Oh the joy of warm towels is something I have been loving about having a warming towel rail now!


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