Saturday, 10 March 2018

Snakes And Ladders

I had a great day of Supply Teaching on Thursday, and one of the best bits was being involved in a Sports For School Event. Here's their promo video
The idea is that elite athletes come to a school and children do a series of high intensity exercises. They have lots of fun, and get sponsorship [which provides the school with PE gear] and helps the next generation to be inspired about sport.
Our athletes were two swimmers, Olympians Joe Roebuck and Amy Smith. As well as the rolling programme of sessions in the hall, in which every class participated, Amy and Joe also did Assembly in the afternoon.
I was really impressed by the way Amy engaged the children. She spoke of her own nervousness about going in the pool when she was 7 and on a fanily holiday. How her wise parents then enrolled her for proper swimming lessons- and her talent emerged. She was encouraged to develop her gifts. She talked of the commitment required- early morning swims and after school sessions. Going to Loughborough University, which excels at preparing people to be elite athletes. Then being a medal winner in the Commonwealth Games, missing out on the Olympic Team, more Commonwealth success and finally an Olympic medal...
She brought all her medals to show us.  The children clapped and cheered.
She said her life was like a Snakes and Ladders board- winning a medal is like going up the ladder, missing out feels like sliding down the snake.
"Find your passion and work at it!" she encouraged the children. It may be sport, or something else, but do not give up. Believe you can achieve. And accept there will be snakes as well as ladders - just keep on, despite that.
The children were buzzing with excitement. Joe and Amy have their own business teaching advanced swimming skills, but they also give time to this more general sport promotion. They have also been nearby in Dorchester this week. [pictured below]
Thank you Joe and Amy, for sharing your enthusiasm and commitment. I am sure lots of these children will remember your visit for a long time to come. And maybe in 10 years time one of these children will be in Los Angeles, as part of Team GB! 

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  1. Im sure the children responded well to their level of enthusiasm.


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