Sunday, 25 March 2018

Palm Sunday

As part of the service I am conducting this morning, I have been asked to distribute Palm Crosses to those in the congregation. I am planning to do this just before our Prayers of Intercession. I shall ask folk to hold the cross in their hand, and look at it as we pray together.

  1. The cross has two directions, vertical and horizontal. Our prayers rise to God, we look upward. But we also look outwards and say prayers for those around us 
  2. The parts of the cross are not all the same length - one long, three short. We remember the inequalities in the world- the rich and poor, haves and have-nots. There are far more people with less of this world's goods. We pray for those who will go without food, or shelter today - and ask too that God will guide those of us who are rich to be generous and share with others.
  3. The cross is made from a leaf- we thank God for his wonderful Creation, and ask his forgiveness for the ways in which we abuse and pollute our environment. We pray for grace and strength to be better stewards of our world.
  4. The cross has been made by the labour of someone's hands. We pray for all those who labour. May they be justly rewarded and fairly treated. We pray for those who are denied the opportunity to work, and to earn, for whatever reason. May they still feel valued, and may others provide them with their needs.
  5. The cross has a knot at the centre- we pray for all those who are struggling with 'knots' in their lives. Worries and anxieties about health, or family, or future. 
  6. Finally, this is our Palm Cross - it reminds us that we can have a relationship with God, and pray to him, our Father, because of Jesus' sacrifice on the Cross.
A short, and simple meditation - but I hope it helps people as we pray.


  1. Thank you Angela a new way to look at my palm cross today x

  2. Lovely meditation. I hope you have a blessed Holy Week.

  3. This is a lovely way to look at the palm cross!


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