Monday, 12 March 2018

Mothering Sunday - Part Two

Just a brief report on yesterday's service at Church
[1] The Quiz was interesting - the women beat the men by 13 to 5 - so they clearly remembered their Bible stories better!
[2] The little bags of primrose plants [thank you Glenacres Nursery] beautifully decorated by the children, were well received by all present - and some were taken to those older ladies who were unable to come to church.
[3] You remember the Tree Festival in December? Well look what has happened to all those squares. It took a while to sort them - not all were the same size, and we did have almost 50% knitted in Wilko Jade Green. So one blanket had all the larger squares in a central panel with  multicolour edge strips. But we ended up with four blankets to display this morning - ready to go to the Biggin Hill Romania Trust.
All in all, a very satisfactory morning. Thank you to the Nursery, the Bag Decorators, and the Craftspeople - oh and especially to the team operating the PA system this morning, which was playing up badly. 

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  1. What a treat to have received one of those pretty bags.


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