Sunday, 29 April 2018

A Prayer For Those Who Do The Catering

Lord, it’s been such a busy weekend, preparing so much food for that event.
But everything got done in the end
It feels sometimes that throughout the ages, women have been slaving away in the kitchens, preparing feasts for others –usually men - to enjoy…
The Bible is full of these stories-

  • Abraham telling Sarah to go and make bread and roast a calf for his visitors at Mamre.
  • Abigail making all those fruitcakes for King David
  • Esther producing a banquet for King Xerxes and wicked Haman
  • And of course, Martha making a meal for Jesus, and complaining about it. I can understand how she felt.
But Lord, please
remind me that I am blessed to have food to prepare like this, when so many go hungry
remind me that it is a privilege to serve like this, and what I do for others, I do as unto you

and thank you Lord, that YOU have prepared a feast for ME – a feast of abundant life and rich blessings.

And this is all of your grace, not anything that I have done.
And you call me to enjoy it, saying “Come, everything is ready!”



  1. I love that post today. We are blessed in the Western world to have an abundance of food, and our inheritance in Jesus as well. Thank you for that thought this Sunday morning

  2. You have put things in perspective - the coffee urn broke down at church this morning so everyone had to settle for tea. I noticed that folks left a lot sooner than normal - and the volunteers who had set out the food seemed to have disappeared! :-)

  3. Oh that is a lovely prayer and v important to acknowledge the joy of doing that service even when things are hard!

  4. Hope you'll get some Sabbath rest this week though x


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