Thursday, 12 April 2018

Sheet Music

When I changed the beds last week, I discovered a rip in one of the single duvet covers. I bought two sets, back in 2009, for £5 each in a sale in Homebase. Homebase is on its way out now, having been bought out by Bunnings, the Australian DIY chain. We visited their rebranded store in Norwich on Friday - we aren't sure how long it will survive. There's too much competition from Wickes, Screwfix, Travis Perkins, Jewson, B&Q etc.
But back to my Homebase duvet. There was an L-shaped tear, with sides about 15cm long. 
I found some old sheeting among my Cornerstones Small Stash [as opposed to the Ferndown Great Stash]
Neatly patched!
One question remains - do I make the bed with the patch on the underside, so it is hidden [but may catch the toes of the sleeper] or do I put it on top, where it won't catch, but will be visible when the bedspread is removed?
Now here's a different sort of sheet - we were in the Sue Ryder CS in Fakenham [which is always great fun to wander round] and Bob spotted a black folder, embossed with the initials AB.
It was a neatly bound collection of pieces of sheet music. Each one marked "J Bremner."
They date from the period 1908-1921, and are in immaculate condition.
I was intrigued because the first piece was "Wyoming Lullaby" 
I know this! Nana used to sing it!
I declared -and crooned, in my tuneless way "Go to sleep, my baby, close your pretty eyes, angels will watch o'er you, while you go to sleep...birds, and beasts and flowers, soon will be asleep. Time for all God's children all to be asleep"
[the original words, I discovered, are not so politically correct] For £1.75 I felt it was a bargain.

Glorious songs from the beginning of the 20th century, sentimental ballads, sung by Caruso, Melba, John McCormack et al.
But the most intriguing thing of all - these sheets are stamped with the names of music shops in Calcutta, India! apart from one dated 1921, bought in Dundee, Scotland.
One hundred years ago, these locations [Dalhousie Square, Grosvenor Square] in Calcutta/Kolkata represented the heart of the British administration in that city. What an intriguing discovery - and so many questions...
What was J Bremner doing in Calcutta? Did he/she bring the music back to Scotland and have it bound there - or was it put into a book by a relative? 
Does A.B. stand for A. Bremner? 
Was J Bremner a Scot? A Civil Servant who toiled away in an office all day, then came home in the evening, to wallow in ballads reminiscent of 'home'? 
Was J Bremner perhaps MRS B? Did these romantic airs keep her sane in the heat, while her husband was working? 
And how on earth did this charming memento of life in the Raj end up in a Charity Shop in the middle of Norfolk?
Skoda Update ; we did get home eventually. Not best pleased with Green Flag. I will post about it later. Grateful for encouraging messages from family and friends through the the day yesterday, and for the friends in Ferndown who invited us for a meal when we finally did get home. 


  1. Will be interested to hear about Green Flag, as I am a member.
    Your music...what a wonderful find. It would be so good to be able to find a bit more of the history. My mother used to sing the lullaby too but I didn't know it was called Wyoming.

  2. we have lots of Bunnings - and I hope they do well up your way. Hope allis well with you and your family. Cheers from Carole's Chatter


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