Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Cup Final

Despite the good efforts of Hugh F-W et al, we are still astonishingly bad about reducing the number of disposable coffee cups which end up in landfill. 
It is two years since HFWs battle bus hit the streets to alert people about this.
2.5 billion cups a year currently go to landfill in the UK
However, I do believe that at last we are beginning to make some progress. A charity called Hubbub, founded by two guys named Gavin Ellis and Trewin Restorick [yes, honestly!] has organised two cup-recycling projects in Manchester and London. The Hubbub website goes a lot further than cups, and is worth checking out. There's a useful guide to switching to a reusable cup. Here's their infographic showing the benefits of recycling 'disposable' cups. The cups put in their #1MoreShot bins in Manchester went to make tubs and garden furniture for community gardens.

Waitrose have been giving free coffee to Loyalty Card holders for some years now- but last week announced that although they are continuing this scheme, customers will need to bring their own cup in future [but if you forget, you can buy one instore for £3]

A number of coffee chains have at last started giving a discount to people who bring in their own mugs - Pret being the most generous! Bob and I have been working really hard to change our habits in this respect. We make a pot of coffee at breakfast - measuring the quantity carefully for two mugs then - and enough left to fill our two reusable travel mugs. That way we not only avoid buying a disposable mug- we also avoid buying overpriced coffeehouse brews! Our travel mugs came from Starbucks, and we are very pleased with them, Liz tells me hers is from Robert Dyas. 

Next week we'll be at a conference organised by the Southern Counties Baptist Association - he's doing PA, I'm doing catering . The SCBA has made a point of asking all those attending to bring mugs for their hot drinks, and their own water bottles - both of which they will be able to refill throughout the day. 
Have you switched to a reusable mug yet?


  1. Our Women's Institute Federation made the same request to BYO cup. Good idea.

  2. Well done for dedicating yourself to the cup cause! I have been making myself, I suspect, very unpopular at work with my constant reference to recycling and reusing but no one can get cross because they know I am right. I carry my Sigg flask for my hot drink with me pretty much constantly and I actually won't buy a drink now if I have forgotten it! Likewise, I carry my stainless steel water bottle.


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