Friday, 18 May 2018

Amo, Amas, Amattress

Poor Bob! The demise of the Skoda a month ago means he has been shoe-horning himself into my little Aygo rather a lot lately. Long journeys are particularly comfortable. He has been suffering quite a bit with backache [a brief aside - the Latin word for backache is lumbago but that's quite unconnected with the word for lead, which is plumbago ]
We've been planning on replacing our 13 year old mattresses for some time, but deferred the idea till we'd sorted out a car and I'd had more teaching. 
But on Tuesday we were in IKEA and I suggested we had a look in the bedding department anyway. The plan was to replace our two side-by-side mattresses with just one. They didn't have any of the correct size in stock.
We meandered round the store, and I picked up a pack of baby bibs to embroider. At £3 for three, this is a bargain.
Then we found the two light fitments we need for the Futility Room project - reduced to just £1 each!
Finally we got to the checkouts, and diverted to the bargain area.
And there was our mattress- the exact one, the right size- greatly reduced as it was a display model.
Even with the delivery charge [we just couldn't fit it in the Aygo!] it was less than 70% of the usual cost. What a bargain! Of course I had to buy a couple of bottom sheets to fit - but they were reduced too.

I'm hoping that a decent mattress will go some way to easing the backache. 
I did make one tiny mistake- I was wearing a yellow teeshirt and a navy gilet on Tuesday, and I got mistaken for a member of IKEA staff!

Very happy to report that our total spend for the day still came to less than we had expected to pay for a replacement mattress [including the bag of mini Daim bars]


  1. And with bargains like that it would have been ride not to buy the Mini Daims.

    Sleep well.

  2. I was in a garden centre once and I happen to be wearing my green fleece. A lady asked how big the azalea she was looking at will grow. I was happy to discuss this with her, not realising who she thought I might be. Then she asked if I could carry her bag of compost to her car. I did.

  3. No one has ever gone into Ikea without buying something! You did get a bargain, well done!

  4. Sorry to be a pedant but Mr Garvie my latin teacher taught us that plumbum was the latin for lead. We always remembered this and I daresay I still do because of the mildly rude second syllable! Love the Ikea bargain area - always worth a look.

  5. What a strange coincidence - the final question on last night's Jeopardy program was about adding a letter to a word for back pain that referred to pencils - Lumbago and Plumbago! I'd never heard of the word Plumbago before now - and now two days in a row!
    I actually managed a trip to IKEA last week where the only thing I bought was a cup of coffee - doesn't happen very often! Congratulations on the bargains.

  6. Dohetu, you are right. Plumbum IS lead and plumbago is "black lead" aka graphite (the "lead" in pencils) Thanks for spotting that.

  7. How wonderful that the very mattress you needed was reduced like that. One might even say that was a Godincidence!
    Haha, I also wondered about Plumbum also as our Science teacher, with his delightfully strong Indian accent used to say it to us to make us remember that Lead was pb on the periodic table.Xx


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