Thursday, 10 May 2018

Marg And Homer Go To Norfolk

It was Rosie's fault - or maybe her parents - but when we received this photo in the middle of Sunday afternoon, showing a toddler with an ice cream at a Village Fete, we both said "Wish we were there too!"
I was still feeling woozy after taking my meds. Bob went off to church, and while he was gone, I thought "No, I am not going to be beaten by an insect bite!"
When he returned at 7.45pm after the evening service, there were bags in the hall, a picnic supper to eat en route, and we were away within 5 minutes.

We arrived at Cornerstones at 1am and fell into bed.
On Monday we took our darling to the Playground to give her parents some space.
She is utterly intrepid "Look at me!" she called, as she clambered up the steps of the slide ["There are handles, Grandma" she told me]
With a bit of help from Grandad, she whizzed down - only to rush round and climb up again. The swing experience was equally joyful.
Then we loaded the cars and drove over to Shipdham, parking outside my bro's house. Rosie and Grandad both had backpacks to carry Important Stuff
The Fete was on the village green, and as well as Morris Dancers, there were the usual stalls- beer, food, books, plants, local groups, crafts- and some delicious looking cupcakes, and brownie-mix-jars prepared by my SIL Marion, and my niece Lucy. 

They raised a fair bit of money for charity. There was a strange wooden crawling maze which kept Rosie occupied for a while.

Yes, Bob and I were wearing the Simpsons teeshirts Gary and Steph gave us at Christmas [brought back from Universal Studios]
We were surprised by how many appreciative comments we received.
Liz, Jon and Rosie went back to London - we had a BBQ with Adrian, Marion, Lucy, Josh and friends.
And on Tuesday, the pair of us drove up to Salthouse, paddled in the sea, visited the junk yard at Wiveton, ate a picnic by the Quay at Wells

...and drove back to Dorset.
It is surprising how much you can pack into 48 hours if you try!
What a lovely way to spend a Bank Holiday!


  1. Things done on the spur of the moment are often so rewarding.

  2. Oh I'm glad you won against the insect bite! What a lovely time you had!!!x


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