Thursday, 17 May 2018

Bee Blessed

My friend ended his email with the words “Be blessed, be a blessing”. Still thinking about the importance of this week, I realised that I am truly bee-blessed.
  • I light candles at the dinner table, 
  • and the furniture gleams because of the polish I’ve used on that table. 
  • I waxed some thread before sewing the buttons back on my winter coat
  • I spread honey on my toast. 
  • And the glowing red apples in my fruit bowl only grew because a bee pollinated the blossom on the tree.

So I wrote a prayer about being bee-blessed

Father God, 
you made these tiny creatures, as part of your wonderful creation, 
and they are a blessing to me, 
and we need them if humans are to survive on our planet. 
Scientists have studied their colonies 
and are still learning more about them 
  • the way they serve their queen, 
  • the way they work in the hive, 
  • their construction of the beautiful hexagonal waxen cells, 
  • all the properties of their honey to nourish and to heal, 
  • their amazing flying dances which tell other bees where to find the nectar,

Help me to learn from the bees – 
  • to serve you, my King, 
  • to work alongside my brothers and sisters, 
  • to build your Kingdom, 
  • to feed the hungry, 
  • and to help others to find your love.

As I am bee-blessed, so may I be a blessing



  1. Oh Ang, that is a lovely prayer! We can certainly learn a lot from the bees.x

  2. Saw a lot of bumble bees on my walk this morning - down near the butterfly garden (guess the same flowers attract the bees)! A friend's sister is bringing us both jars of wild flower honey from the agricultural college near where she lives and I am really looking forward to it!


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