Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Don't Tell 'Em Pike!

This is such fun - fifty years since Dad's Army was first shown on the BBC, and the Royal Mail has announced that on June 26th they will be issuing a series of commemorative stamps. How cool is that? I may buy up some second class ones with Private Pike on.

Ian Lavender is the only cast member still alive, now aged 72. No longer the fresh faced young Private Pike. I am glad that he's around to see this celebration of one of the best shows, which still brings a smile to so many faces.


  1. Ian Lavender lives in a village in Mid Suffolk. Son and DIL lived in same road before they moved but I don't think they dared say "don't tell 'em Pike to him" I expect he's heard it so many times before!

  2. It must get a little tiresome for him if people keep repeating a phrase from 50years ago. I didn't know Ian lives in East Anglia. He always comes across as a very nice chap in interviews

  3. I think much of the filming on location was in Thetford so there is a strong East Anglian connection.

  4. Thank you! I hadnt heard about that and would love to buy some stamps.


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