Monday, 11 June 2018

The Bag Lady Has A Rant

I am being super diligent about taking my cotton bags when I go shopping.
When I buy my fruit and veg on Wimborne market, the guy is happy to tip carrots, spuds and onions all in together and not use plastic bags. 
I keep the bags rolled up inside another bag along with my purse, keys and phone. There's a bag in my car too. 
But it's important to keep my bags clean. It doesn't take much effort to put them all through the washing machine and then give them a quick press with the iron. Some of these bags are more than ten years old. 
My iron is ten years old now, and is as effective as ever. I think that regularly rinsing out the water tank each month has helped maintain its efficiency. 
Bags, irons, whatever, these are tools to help run my home and it is important not to take them for granted. It is right and proper that people are trying to avoid "single use plastic" - but it's even better if we can also look after tools and equipment so they serve us well for multiple use for many years. 
Hooray for companies like e-spares who are brilliant at providing the parts needed to mend gadgets and keep things working.
Let's go on mending and making-do, instead of chucking out and buying new. And share the skills with others, and teach the younger generations how to do it. After all, we are not just saving money, we are helping to save the planet!


  1. Good idea. I was just thinking how hopeless a task it is for those who shop in the supermarkets and are obliged to buy everything in plastic trays or bags when it occurred to me that I could take my own plastic bags to buy fruit and veg and keep reusing them.
    My MIL used to wash her plastic bags and hang them In the bathroom to dry, which I found highly amusing. She did it to save money, but I could do it to save the planet, taking them with me to the supermarket.

  2. We always keep 4 or 5 of those 10p plastic supermarket bags in the car, have had them for months, if not years. I have a fabric bag which folds up into its own little pouch which lives in my handbag. We bought some large strong hessian bags, 3 for £10, on a visit to the Eden Project a couple of years ago, these are used for our main food shop. And yes, we should also endeavour to repair or recycle as much as possible. It's up to us all to do what we can to save our planet.

  3. That's so very true. And that is a useful tip about the online parts store! I agree about keeping things carefully.
    Thanks for your comment on my church post. You are very wise and clear. What you said about a restaurant, that's what I've been worrying about. I don't want to feel I want it to be like a place I like visiting but I want it to be a place I can grow as a Christian and serve and know God and the community and it is so hard to know if the church is that place.

  4. Except when water is such a precious commodity that we are urged to use disposables to save water by not washing items to reuse! Yes, that was actually one of the "water wise" tips that was published in a brochure, here, during the height of our drought. :)

    I use reusable bags for bringing the groceries home, but I do use plastic produce bags for the items I buy, because otherwise, the grocery store finds it hard to weigh the items at the check out stand. I then reuse or recycle them to the best of my abilities.


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