Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Shoes To Set My Feet A-Dancing

Back in the 1960's I had a pair of Dr Scholl exercise sandals. How I loved them! I had saved up to buy the pukka product, the 'Pescura' style, with its patented peg and slide fastening. I was convinced that if I wore them all the time I would develop elegant slim [long!] legs like Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton***.Out of school, they were on my feet most of the time.

The Head had banned them in school, and my Mum said the wooden clattering was irritating. But I think they were one of the few 'fashion crazes' I actually bought into. Mine were plain wood with a neutral beige leather strap.
I wore them till the rubber sole had got right down to the wood, and the edges were a bit chipped and scuffed.
They looked rather scruffy.
So I stripped off the remaining rubber, unscrewed the straps and restored the clogs. First I sanded the wood and painted it bright yellow [I could only find black, brown or yellow gloss paint in the garage] and then I resoled them, using pieces of rubber cut from an old car tyre. Then I screwed the straps in place, and clattered back to university in my unique footwear.
I have never been able to wear flipflops, or other sandals with 'toeposts' comfortably. But the broad strap of the Scholls gripped my feet and I was so comfy in them.
I've often dreamed of owning another pair. But they are not cheap and seemed an extravagance.
Imagine my delight to find a pair,in my size, as new, for only £3 in the CS at the weekend. And then my distress to discover I did not have enough cash with me.
I cycled back first thing on Monday and bought them the instant the shop opened "This makes us feel like Harrods in the sale" said the assistant - and we all reminisced about wearing Exercise Sandals in our youth.
They have a lovely red snakeskin sort of pattern. I suspect some bright young thing purchased them and then couldn't get on with them. I may have to paint my toenails in celebration.
***I never managed to achieve the long slim elegant legs then, and I doubt I will now, but they certainly make me feel bright and summery. Cue an old Petula Clark song...


  1. I started wearing scholls at work in the library in 1971, we all did as we were on our feet all day and had pair after pair for years to wear at home. I loved the wood and the strap and the toe grippy bit. Then they disappeared from the shops and I don't think they are available anywhere now.I'd buy a pair in a flash if I saw them.

  2. You can buy them online direct from Scholls, but they are not cheap!

  3. I had many pairs over the years. I was even a bridesmaid back in the 70's with a denim blue pair underneath my long pale blue dress and large "picture" hat. I remember about 3 years ago Boots were selling pink ones off in their clearance section - wished I'd purchased a pair. Occasionally TK Maxx have a few in too. My mum wore the leather look ones but I preferred the wooden type.

    1. Now you have reminded me that when I was a bridesmaid in the 70s I had to wear a long blue dress made of CRIMPLENE!

  4. Brilliant post Angela. You took me right back to the 60s. I had forgotten all about Scholls. I had a pair of pea green shoes which had 3 narrow straps across the top fastened with black bobbly buttons. I LOVED those shoes! A great post to cheer me up as I have spent the last 6 days nursing my terminally ill father and having a few days break while my brother fills in so enjoying reading this with breakfast in bed.

  5. I'm glad the post brought back happy memories Catherine. You - and your family - are in my thoughts and prayers as you go through these difficult days xx

  6. VERY cute! I have some clogs that I purchased this year and when I wear them I realize that I had forgotten how clomp clomp clomp-y they are. I wore them in college and twisted my ankles and tripped quite a bit! LOL! I need a pedicure, too!

  7. I remember Scholls, all the girls were wearing them. They were so comfy and I wore them all the time, when not at school.


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