Monday, 18 June 2018

Faith, Chope, And Clarity

I am a woman of strong convictions, and I wish to make my position clear...
I believe that I have a responsibility to be a good steward of God's creation. That includes caring for animals
  • so horses and dogs should be properly protected from attack, when they are being used by Police Officers, to maintain law and order.
  • so circuses should not be allowed to use wild animals in their acts, whip them, or dress them up in undignified, uncomfortable costumes. Wild animals should not be or kept in confined conditions and forced to travel long distances to perform for the amusement of people.
I believe that it is important to show compassion on the sick
  • so homes for those with mental health issues should be carefully monitored and regulated, especially with respect to force being used against residents.
  • so it should be as easy as possible for their carers to visit them in hospital, and have free access to car parking facilities
I believe that those who are in positions of power have a duty of care to those who are weaker
  • so landlords should not be allowed to enforce 'revenge evictions' when tenants raise complaints about serious faults in their housing
  • so repeated complaints about bullying should be properly investigated
  • so a proper inquiry into the response to the Hillsborough tragedy was vital to the injured and bereaved.
Furthermore, whilst I may not always agree with another person's lifestyle choices
I do not believe homosexuality is a crime, or that it was right that a man like Alan Turing should have been prosecuted. I agree with the Queen's wish to grant him a posthumous pardon.
I do not believe a person should be forced to inhale someone else's carcinogenic cigarette smoke, so I feel it is right to ban smoking in public places.

And I believe that a woman has a right to walk to church, or stand in the street, or do her shopping, or teach her class, or enjoy music in the park without some perverted man taking a photo up her skirt - either for his own gratification, or to post on his Facebook page, or share on a pornographic website.

Unfortunately I live in Dorset, and my MP has blocked all the above issues when they were placed before Parliament. With one single word on Friday, he delayed the 

Please don't tell me that he is 'concerned about sloppy lawmaking'. It is one thing to be concerned about Parliamentary procedures- it is quite another to repeatedly impede the course of lawmaking just for the sake of it. He has already admitted that when he objected, he didn't really know what 'upskirting' meant. His daughter, like mine, is in her thirties. How would he react if this happened to her?

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  1. It's disgusting! He ought to be ashamed of himself!


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