Thursday 12 March 2020

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

I'm getting my hair cut today [I want to look good for my weekend in Manchester with Steph and Liz] There may, or may not, be photos...
But I did want to share these hairstyle pictures with you. Sheena Liam is an up and coming young Asian model. She's already carving out a successful career on the catwalk. But she relaxes by doing embroidery.
Simple hoops of linen, with black thread. That's all she uses to create these pictures. Her signature style is to leave the hair loose and flowing. 
Aren't they stunning? Simple Stitches, so effective! 


  1. Lovely work. I'm also at the hairdresser today! Cut and colour so a long visit which I enjoy as it gives me a chance to sit and reflect and relax. Hope you are both well .

  2. Oh, how very clever and original! They have such vitality to them!


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