Monday, 9 March 2020

The Worst Clogs

I've posted about my clogs before. My ancient 2002 bargain- which live by the back door, for quick trips outside to the bins when it is wet and I don't want to spoil my slippers - and my red leather ones which I love to wear with woolly socks and jeans.
As you can see, both pairs are looking rather worn. I'm not sure the suede ones will survive another winter.
The red ones need a good polish - but the lining is wearing badly, and I think I need to stick a leather patch on the inner heel area too. But they'll do me a year or two more, I hope.
However, we've recently had trouble with the bath draining rather slowly. I tried the usual 'green' methods [boiling water plus bicarb etc] But I must confess, I eventually succumbed to Mr Muscle drain gel. I had not realised it was a multipurpose product. I have left it on the worktop in the kitchen, along with my tatty clogs, to see if anything happens!!


  1. This would have worked on 1st April! I was genuinely looking forward to a bit of legendary Ang advice there!

  2. Ha, ha. Good luck! Actually, if you are hoping to wear those clogs another year or two, I wouldn't want to keep them near Mr. Muscle! :D

  3. Your poor clogs will be feeling a bit threatened by that bottle for “ worst clogs”. Did the Mr Muscle work? The suede clogs look a little past their best but I bet they are comfy. I use rubber clogs from the garden centre for those quick back door trips.

  4. Surely Mr Muscle will disintegrate the clogs!!!


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