Sunday 22 March 2020

Lent Inspirations #3 - You Are Not Alone...

These flowers and the card were left in the porch early on Thursday morning, by a lovely family from church on their way to school. 
So thoughtful.
Self-isolating and solitary have similar roots - the sense of being alone, apart from others.
This is Lent, when we remember Jesus going into the deserted place to be tempted by the Devil. Later on in Mark 4, the Bible says Jesus got up early while it was still dark, and went to a solitary place to pray.
I'm currently self-isolating [fortunate to have Bob with me, so not totally without human contact] as are many other people. Lots of them live by themselves - so will be especially grateful for the contact we can have through phones, WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype etc.  
But this is still a difficult time. Just two thoughts
- firstly that when he was on earth Jesus faced times when he was alone, so he understands what we are going through
- secondly, the Bible promises us that nothing, can separate us from God's love.


  1. This time of being solitary is good for reflecting and meditating, isn't it?

    1. It certainly is Bless, and I'm loving the reduction in traffic/aircraft noise, and more opportunity to hear the birdsong

  2. Alternating between being strong then being tearful. Sick with worry as 3 daughters all doctors. Trying to be calm and pray.

  3. Catherine, I will be praying for your daughters - and for you that you will know peace in your heart x

  4. Quel beau message. Merci.
    Pensons aux malades , aux soignants et à leurs familles.

  5. Thank you so much for this post today!

  6. That poster is brilliant! Yes, Jesus has gone through the dark times and we are certainly not alone. xx


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