Friday, 4 September 2020

Quelle Horrreur!

We were amused by the gryphons guarding the entrance to Blickling Hall last week - wearing their PPE. We took pictures - as did many other visitors. 

Then Liz sent me this...[Tintin is high on my list of great Belgians]


  1. Yesterday's 'Flog It' was from Blickling Hall. Lord Lothian was an interesting man. He died very young, from the stress of his endeavours for appeasement apparently. Have a good weekend.

    1. Thanks for this BYAM. I shall check that out on iPlayer. On our visit it seemed that Room Guides had been moved round, as they were not answering questions as knowledgeably as the usually do. I was asking about a Coronation Chair in the library, and the guide said she'd been around since the coronation of Edward VII. She definitely didn't look 88. And Edward VIII never had a coronation...

    2. I watched the Flog Episode- REALLY interesting. Thanks so much for mentioning it

  2. Obviously they don't want to risk infecting other statues?


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