Wednesday, 23 September 2020

The Kindness Of Strangers

"We seem to have had post very early today" said Bob, looking downstairs at something white on the doormat. There, tucked one inside the other, were four orders of service - from four weddings - 1979 [ours] 1987 [London friends] 1992 [Adrian and Marion] and 1996 [Leicester friends]

I can only assume that somehow these were tucked inside one of the books which was in the Yard Sale on Saturday - and the purchaser found and returned them. How incredibly kind! I cannot work out which book it would have been, and I was sure I had checked them all before they went into the box. Whoever you are, thank you! I must be more diligent

One thing I did find last week, tucked inside a book destined for departure,was an illuminated quote. It came from an "Ideals" magazine. In the late 1960s, an elderly friend in Norfolk used to get this on subscription from the USA. Glossy card covers, with heavy duty paper inside, each edition was packed with poems, short stories, artworks, beautiful photographs, 'homey' ideals and illuminated quotes. All very Norman Rockwell, Mom's Apple Pie, white picket fence America. This lady passed on her magazines to me every 6 months or so [they were themed- Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Mothers' Day, Spring Time etc] and I would cut out and save any items I really liked. Lots of the pictures and poems went into my home-made greetings cards. This is one of the few clippings I have left. Ideals magazine has been going over 75 years, and now only publishes twice a year. Here's the quote...very relevant to the current situation I think


  1. I'm glad the person who found those orders of service returned them to you. I like the quote, too.

  2. Ah, that is a beautiful quote!! How thoughtful of the person to post the OoS back!

  3. That was very kind of whoever found them.
    One day in France we had a phone call from someone who I thought was saying she had found our cat, which was odd because the cat was herself on the sofa at the time! On further questioning in my best French it seems she had found the cat's collar on her drive, which was even odder as she lived 25km away!
    I can only guess that our cat was exploring the underside of her car when she was parked somewhere nearby, the collar got caught on something, came off (thankfully) and then dropped onto the lady's drive a few days later. The lady then drove all the way to our house to put it into our letterbox.
    It's nice to know, when we have the impression that there is much meanness and nastiness amongst the public at large, that there are some very kind people out there.


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