Monday, 7 September 2020

Zero Waste Week Again

It is the first full week of September, and time again for Zero Waste week. I have been blogging about the annual event since 2012. Some years I have been more successful than others.

This year, I suspect we are all going to find it a little harder. The global pandemic has had some very positive 'green' results - fewer planes means less air pollution, less human traffic has allowed flora and fauna to flourish [in some areas of the UK] many people have started gardening, and growing their own foods, and others have found the benefits of cooking meals from scratch and baking their own additive-free loaves.

But there has been a HUGE amount of waste from single-use plastics - disposable masks and latex gloves, no more 'we will refill your coffee cup' deals, extra bags round our purchases - not to mention all those extra doorstep deliveries with the company's lopsided smile on the cardboard box, and the bubble wrap inside.

I shall try this week to think harder about what comes into my home, and how it is used, and then disposed of. Since last year's ZWW I have already been aware of some significant changes round the house

  • I made some veg bags and these work well in the fridge, containing the produce which I have purchased loose, and not in plastic bags
  • A number of the organisations who send me regular mailings are now using recyclable/compostable packing [well done Country Living and Scripture Union and others]
  • I've been more diligent about 'upstairs' recycling - Bob has a large bin in his office, just for recyclables - and bedroom/bathroom stuff [loo rolls, shampoo bottles, pill boxes etc] goes in there. 
  • I was taking Tetrapaks to the recycling bin at the supermarket before lockdown [I must check to see if that has re-opened]
  • My attempts at becoming a minimalist continue [slowly] and I am finding positive places to rehome my unwanted possessions, so that others can use them. Once again, I have to say a huge thank you to Liz, who has been a real encouragement in this matter [also Joshua Becker  whose writings are much more on my wavelength than those of Bea Johnson or Marie Kondo] 
  • Joining the Green Living Project Group has been helpful - although we have not met in person since March, we continue to share ideas within our WhatsApp group. Thank you friends.
I was feeling a little dis-spirited when I started writing this post - but looking back, I think I'm making slow but steady progress. Maybe a week of determined effort will boost future achievements. Are you doing anything special for ZWW2020?


  1. I think, being conscious and thinking about the things we Do, use, can currently change and should and can't currently change and can either find an alternative or not hear ourselves up about, is such an important step of ZWW and the eco-conscious life, which you are doing and trying to do. I can afford to spend money on non-packaged goods in the ZW shop and can choose certain veg in my bargain supermarket without packaging so I do. Not everyone has that luxury.

  2. ...You have made some important changes and you are a conscious consumer which makes all the difference.

    1. CONSCIOUS action is the key thing here...

  3. We are finding Devon beaches blighted by masks and gloves unfortunately which is a new horror for the sealife. On a completely different note - my wax foodwraps seem to have all the wax coming off. Does anyone know if I need to get rid of them? (They were very cheap)

    1. So awfu, that there is so much PPE on the beaches, and by the roadside. Re wax wraps - Try placing a wrap between two sheets of baking parchment and ironing with a cool [One Dot] iron, this should revive them.

  4. It sounds like you have taken several active steps to generate less waste, Angela.

    I try to reuse/re-purpose/recycle as much as I can, although, lately, I've been hearing on the news that many recycling centers are closing because of a lack of demand for the recycled material.


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