Monday 16 August 2021

Saturday Sitting In The Sun

On Friday we got all the boxes down from the loft and  sorted out our stuff for the Yard Sale. Saturday we were up early [the builders arrived early too, to do brick laying]

It was gloriously sunny. The goods were spread out on lots of tables - plus my hanging rack had a few garments, bedspreads, curtains etc.
I put out a stool with hand sanitiser [quite a few people used that]
The table on the right of Bob was "Freebies" - but we had a donations pot there for the A-T Society. I knew Justine would be busy preparing for Sunday's Garden Party, and not able to sell any goods herself.
There were not many punters.The general feeling was that the event had not been well publicised [apparently it only went onto local Social Media groups the day before] plus, inexplicably they were holding a Boot Fair at the Village Hall the next day.
So... we finished the day having made just £4.70 - and we also had £4.50 in the A-T pot. We packed up all the stuff which we still considered saleable, drove into town, and found three Charity Shops in Dereham willing to accept it.
Bob was very good and did not buy the cement mixer on sale round the corner. They are great fun but honestly we have no justification for owning one. 
We had some very interesting conversations though [mostly about what they builders were doing]
Four hours sitting in the sunshine was extremely pleasant, and it feels good to have cleared some of our surplus possessions.
But it is surprising how tired one feels at the end of such an event.


  1. We once owned a cement mixer passed on to us from a neighbour, can't remember why. I can't even remember if we ever used it but I do remember thinking perhaps we should paint it black and plant flowers in it! We passed it on to someone else eventually and it did get used.

    1. I can think of items like that - they come, they stay, then finally go to be useful elsewhere

  2. It is so much work to have a yard sale, isn't it? Everyone already has so much stuff. Sigh.

  3. I think, if you search your heart, you know you want a cement mixer. :-)

    1. Well, no, I don't. I think HE does...fortunately the current chaos of the builders means that we have nowhere to put one. Maybe if its on sale again next summer


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