Sunday 1 August 2021

There's A Little Boy Here...


Don't you just love the story of Jesus feeding all those people with a boy's packed lunch? 

In The Message translation, it says 

One of the disciples said to Jesus “There’s a little boy here who has five barley loaves and two fish. But that’s a drop in the bucket for a crowd like this.”

There's a little boy in the Midlands whom I have never met. But his Mum was one of Steph's closest friends in school, and they have kept in touch - and she and I are Facebook friends.

She mentioned that her son had come home from school and said they had been talking about hungry children in Africa, and he wanted to help them. He has come up with all sorts of ideas- and already put some into practice- a yard sale of his toys, plans for the village Scarecrow Festival etc. 

Maybe someone will say that the efforts of an almost-6-year old are a drop in the bucket when it comes to feeding the hungry. But I was so impressed that this child really wants to make a difference. I sent him a card to encourage him, and popped a fiver inside. His mum messaged me and said he was thrilled to receive it [and she 'cried happy tears']

Charlie [who is also Very Keen on Dinosaurs] sent me a beautiful thank you note [even though he probably has no idea who I am!]

Don't let us ever disparage someone else's efforts to help those who are in need - however young they are, however small their offering.

Jesus looked at the poor widow in the Temple, called his disciples over and said, “The truth is that this poor widow gave more to the collection than all the others put together. All the others gave what they’ll never miss; she gave extravagantly what she couldn’t afford—she gave her all.”

God bless you Charlie, for your love and hard work and generosity. You are a great example- I am sure you'll grow up to be a fine young man!

update from Charlie's Mum - he has collected just over £140 so far


  1. What a kind and caring child! Thank you, Charlie. The world would be a much better place if there were more generous hearted people like you.

  2. How lovely to hear of such a caring child.

  3. I always loved that story and remember talking about how perhaps the true miracle was that that offer to help by giving up what he had inspired others around to do the same. In that vein I'm hoping to get an email to you so that I can help Charlie too.

  4. What a heartwarming story! He sent you the nicest note.
    His parents must be pleased and proud. Thank you for sharing such happy news.

  5. That is a wonderful story and Charlie is a good, kind soup to be touched by the plight of children and want to do something about it.
    I'd like to help Charlie in his efforts too.


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