Thursday 19 August 2021

The Milk Of Human Kindness

"Who said that?" I asked Bob at breakfast "It's either the Bible of Shakespeare" was his prompt response*. We had a bottle of milk on the table at the time. I know, it ought to be in a jug - but this was a rather special bottle.

Halfway between Cornerstones and Rosie's Cottage is Dann's Farm. We love their delicious home made ice cream, and they have a dispensing machine where you can buy farm fresh, pasteurised cows milk [whole not skimmed] It costs £1 to buy a reusable bottle, and £1 a litre for the milk. 
OK I know that costs more than buying a similar quantity in a plastic bottle in the supermarket - but it is a lovely treat - and the bottle will be recycled many times. 
And the farmers are getting a fair price for the product. Ticking all the ethical and eco-boxes!

We have semi-skimmed for our tea, for baking, and for making milkshakes- but on cereal this has a creamier taste. In the winter, our go-to cereal is porridge, so I always have oats on hand [I use them a lot in baking too] but in order to offer a choice, I usually have just one other box of cereal on the go [multigrain hoops, malties, miniwheats, granola....] For some time now, I've kept these two cereals in large Hornsea biscuit jars which I found cheap in a CS.

But you can guarantee that if I want some oats, I pick up the other jar first, and vice versa. I have therefore labelled the jars in the most accurate way I can!

*He quickly clarified his response with "Is it from Macbeth?" - clearly he hasn't forgotten all that he studied for O level English Lit.


  1. I like your solution to keeping the oats separate from the other cereals! :D We used to have milk in bottles, delivered to the house, daily, when I was growing up. Here, most milk is bought in cardboard cartons or plastic jugs.

  2. I love the idea of the milk bottle and the dispensing machine. We once stayed near a farm in Austria where they had a vending machine for their milk.

  3. That seems a good price for milk. I think we pay 93p for a pint of Organic semiskimmed milk from our milkman. I like the Not Oats idea.
    I do like to think about how many plastic bottles we've not used since signing up for the milkman. It's been 2.5 years and we get 2 bottles of milk and 2 of juice a week so that's around 520 bottles (without including holidays) so far! There's a shop in Hexham that has an oatmilk dispenser!


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