Sunday 3 October 2021

Beyond My Wildest Dreams

In Matthew 18 [The Message Translation] It says "Jesus said...“What do you make of this? A farmer planted seed …and some fell on good earth, and produced a harvest beyond his wildest dreams.”

I had a tin of random seed packets in the shed in Dorset - and I just slung them into the earth alongside the side fence, outside the back bedroom window.

Look at these beauties- truly beyond my wildest dreams- three massive sunflowers and a few pretty pink cosmos. 

My SIL says this shows the Norfolk soil may be good, fertile earth. I do hope so!

But thinking about it, these flowers have very little to do with me - all I did was plant a few seeds then forgot about them. I never really expected much to come of it [all my gardening efforts have been focused on the three tomato plants and the Raised Bed Project]

It has reminded me that just the simple act of sowing a small seed can produce amazing results. 

Even if we are not green-fingered [or 'green-thumbed' as they say across the pond] 

every one of us can scatter seeds of love, and kindness and peace as we go about our days. 

And we may find these result in a harvest beyond our wildest dreams


  1. Did you know that if you plant ordinary poppy seeds you might use in a poppy seed cake, they will grow into beautiful pink and mauve poppies? Happy Sunday.

  2. Keep the seed heads as the birds will eat the dried seeds. Well done!

  3. I've grown these for the first time this year too. I sowed 6 seeds into individual pots, then put them out at the back of my veg bed. 6ft it said on the packet. They are 12ft, and multi-headed! Cheerful giants to see when I head down the garden!

  4. Just beautiful! I do love Sunflowers - they always make me smile.

    1. Yes they are such cheerful blooms aren't they?

  5. Beautiful sunflowers. The birds will love them when the seeds form. I'm glad you have such good soil. As for scattering seeds of love, this is a wonderful way to garden in our love-starved world!

  6. Beautiful sunflowers and cosmos! You could gather the sunflower seeds for a snack! Actually, the whole plant is edible - petals, leaves, stems, etc. :)

  7. You can definitely save the seeds as well as eat them (roasted surely better). I harvested my sunflower seed heads so I could grow some with the kids next year at school!

  8. The planting of seeds is a beautiful thought and so true.
    I have shared it with several friends.


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