Sunday 17 October 2021


Today is Harvest Festival at Church. Unfortunately I cannot be there- I have a very heavy cold at the moment. Our Village Chapel takes it all very seriously, this is a farming area, and people are aware of how much effort goes into providing our food. I was reading through some old notes, and I came across a Harvest Prayer which Bob wrote for a Kirby Muxloe Harvest in 2002 - almost twenty years ago. 

Father -

We thank you for this day

As the leaves take on the tints of autumn

And the air cools to the touch

As harvest fills the barns and evenings shorten

So we remember your faithfulness

And the turning cycle of the seasons

turns our grateful hearts once again to you.

Protect us from ingratitude, selfishness or greed;

and just as your love overflows,

pouring out beauty and wonder,

so may our thankfulness overflow

with generosity of heart and mind.





  1. Sorry you have a cold, hope you feel better soon.

    1. Thank you. It is just a cold, nothing more!!

  2. I hope your cold goes away quickly and will be the only one you get this winter. Stay warm and cozy.

  3. This is a beautiful prayer. Hoping that you will be over your cold quickly!

  4. Get well soon. Colds are not fun but at least it is just a cold!
    Bob's harvest prayer is beautiful. It sums up so much to be thankful for.

  5. That is a beautiful prayer of thankfulness!
    Hope you feel better, soon!

  6. The words of the prayer sum things up beautifully I think. It seemed a good idea to share it this Harvest Sunday

  7. It was Canadian Thanksgiving last weekend so that is when we had our Harvest/Thanksgivng Sunday. We decorated the Chancel area with many, large (very large) Chrysanthemum plants. In normal times it would be more pumpkins and straw bales and veg - and people would donate to the food bank etc. - but we kept it a bit simpler this year since we have only been open for a few weeks.

    I hope you feel better soon - you are always so busy - just rest up and take care of yourself!

    1. I always forget that Canadian Thanksgiving is in October! Why is that?


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