Tuesday 23 November 2021

Fishing For Compliments

Whilst I consider myself a very thrifty and frugal person [bordering on mean and penny-pinching, I admit] I think there are times when it is good to 'push the boat' out, and have a little treat. 
So a "Cream Tea" where the scones are accompanied by two tiny china dishes with a dollop or cream in one, and a spoonful of budget supermarket red jam in the other, does not score as highly as the one with a proper pot of Rodda's Clotted, and a gingham topped jar of Bonne Maman preserve. 

 So I think it is good, if buying a present, to give something attractive and of quality. I'm trying to give more presents which are useful - and 'consumable' as I feel this is better for the planet. I was very excited last year to receive a present from The Tinned Fish Company.

This is a small outfit, based in Manchester. The owner, Patrick, met some men working at the fish canneries near Porto, Portugal. He was on the lookout for small family producers who shared his vision of quality, sustainability, and style.

From this encounter grew a company which sells Tinned Fish [the clue is in the name] 

but not just boring cans of pilchards - these are gloriously colourful, flavoursome celebrations of the harvest of the sea. Just reading through their website is a delight in itself. 

If you are looking for gifts for the 'foodies' among your family and friends, then do consider this site. 

The packaging* is beautiful and recyclable, and the contents are delicious. Yes, it does cost more  - but Bonne Maman strawberry costs more than Lidl basic jam - you get what you pay for. [*as well as the attractive tins, the outer boxes and wrapping are stylish]

Since receiving my present, I have given TFC products as gifts to a few people, and they have been really well received. It's something a little different- and of course, being in tins, does not have to be eaten immediately! You can send them as gifts - or order them all to your address [cheaper] and distribute yourself. And there is even a monthly subscription service.

They've just introduced a "Three" range, which gives a taster of various types of fish in different sauces [twelve options to choose from] but their products can be bought singly, in huge hampers - or in trays or boxes. And because the photography on the website is so well done, they now sell art-prints as well - sales of which help a Manchester Charity, Lifeshare.

Tuna, Mackerel, Anchovies, Sardines, Octopus, Mussels, Clams, Scallops. Cockles, Squid and more [fish in sauce, in soups, in pat├ęs - as well as recipe books and other stuff] Do check them out, you might find just the gift you are looking for.


  1. What a good idea. Thank you. Off to look at the website straight away

    1. As I said, this fish is not "cheap as chips" but it makes a different sort of gift

  2. What a great tip - I would never have thought of looking for a company like this online, and yet I can immediately think of three foodie friends who would love a gift from them!

  3. We don't have this firm here of course, but I agree that quality, "a cut above", food items make great gifts.

  4. I’m with you on the cream teas it has to be Rodda’s clotted cream with either Bonne Maman or some other specialist preserve. Hopping on over from Kezzie and just wanted to send hugs and condolences regarding your cousin Gill. I’ve read your posts about her and she sounds like she was one really lovely gal. May the Spirit of God sustain you and may the memories you shared sustain you ❤️❤️


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