Thursday 23 December 2021

An Early Christmas Present

Sort of... The House To-Do List, compiled just after Moving Day, has gone out of the window rather. At the beginning of the month, I said to Bob that it was a shame we wouldn't have the kitchen refurb done by Christmas. He asked what was most important, and I said "The Sink". Bless him, he set to and has worked really hard to complete 95% of the task.

In the first week, out came the old sink, and in went the new one. The next task was making good the wall after the electrical work [done in June] and rehanging the cupboards. Here is a photo taken last summer. Notice how the cupboards meet at the corner. There was a wasted space there. And if I wasn't careful, things on the top of the cupboards fell down the hole between!

Since the cupboard by the hob came down for the new Consumer Unit, there has been a hole in the wall and damaged tiles. Bob suggested repositioning the cupboards. 
This he has done.
And replaced the broken tiles, adding two more rows above
And painted the wall
And lengthened the 'pot rail'
And added bookshelves
What a wonderful bloke!

I cannot believe the difference this makes to the appearance of the kitchen. We chose blue for our 'feature wall' to match the new blind, and also go with our new Atora artwork [Liz rescued this when her neighbour was throwing it out]
Here is the new hob area, the bookshelves, the blind and the artwork...
Eventually the last 5% will get done - painting the plinths in the dark blue to match. As with the Futility Room makeover in 2018, I know that Someday My Plinths Will Come!
But right now I am thrilled with the fresh new appearance, somewhere to hang tea towels, and accessible cookbooks.
I can do it with suet Bob! Thank you for all your hard work, darling.


  1. Do you and Bob make house calls, please? Your kitchen looks great!

    1. Only if you can come here and help me with my garden, Bless!

  2. That must be a very pleasing place for you now. Brilliant Bob!

  3. A man of many talents! So pleased to see you both turning Cornerstones into a lovely home. Wishing you a Happy Christmas and praying for a good year in 2022 x

    1. Thank you - hope you have a good Christmas and a blessed New year. Esp hoping Emma can be with you

  4. This is wonderful, you have your priorities in order. It's great to have a husband who is also a lovely one!

  5. It makes such a difference doesn't it. The best Christmas present of all.

  6. I love reading about your Cornerstones renovations. I'm a sucker for makeovers! The kitchen looks wonderful and Bob has done a fantastic job.

  7. He has, and at minimal cost too


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