Monday 6 December 2021

Clever, Colourful, And Compact

Here's a link to the card display idea Bless suggested in the comments on Monday morning's post. You do need a large [tall] can though! 

You need a large can - top and bottom removed, and a ball of wool

Wrap the yarn round, top to bottom to cover the can. Tuck your cards through the strands and fan them out

You can decorate with pompoms, or even put a plant inside the can. Thanks, Bless for this top tip. It's not one I've seen before. 


  1. Oh, good, you found pictures to illustrate how to do it! I wasn't sure if my directions made any sense at all! :D

  2. It sounded good so I googled the pictures and instructions. Thanks for sharing the idea

  3. Great idea. I may have to rethink hanging cards high up and standing on chairs, so this idea might be a good alternative.


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