Monday 20 December 2021

Take Care Of Yourself...

Thank you to my dear friend Jan in the USA, who sent me a link to this lovely 2020 Christmas Ad from Germany. 
Here's three minutes of YouTube to bring a smile to your face [and maybe a tear to your eye] at the start of the week...



  1. Thank you for posting this link!

  2. What a sweet video! Our star always has to be propped up so it doesn't bend the top of our tree over (usually a balsam fir). I felt a little envious that the one in the video stayed exactly as it was placed!

    1. That is the magic of television! Who knows how many times they had to film it to get it perfect? In the UK, the most popular trees are the Nordmann For, Norway Spruce and Fraser Fir varieties. I know that Balsam Firs have a lovely scent

  3. Thank you for sharing that. I watched it again twice and was charmed just as much the second and third times.
    I just knew you would appreciate it too!


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