Sunday, 29 May 2022

God Be With Them

Rosie, along with all other children in UK schools, learns about Fire Drill, and assembling outside in a place of safety, if the alarm is sounded. It is heart wrenching to realise that little children in the USA also have to practise drills in case someone comes into school wielding a gun. It is even more distressing to hear that in Texas this week, a gunman did get in - 19 children and 2 adults died, 17 were injured. I found this prayer on a website from Oregon. I pray for all those pupils, staff and families, police and medical workers, caught up in the tragedy at Robb Elementary School, Uvelde, Texas...

God of love,
You are our hope and our light.
We turn to you today as we try to comprehend
 the terrible news of the school shooting in Uvalde,Texas.
We pray that the students and staff who died are in your loving embrace.
Please bring healing to the injured and comfort to the grieving.
Surround the community with your peace and love
- help them to know they are not alone in their sorrow.
May the community know your love
 through the actions of all who provide solace.
May they hear your voice
 in the prayers that people offer at this sad time.
May this tragedy call us all to work together
 for an end to violence and hatred.
Help us to create safe, welcoming spaces
 for all to learn, work and grow.


  1. I think most primary schools now have 'lockdown' drill as well as fire drill. I've taken part in one; we drew down the blinds and gathered in most protected corner of the room. The head teacher was very good at explaining it to the children in calm, non-frightening words. All the same it's very sad that this is necessary.

  2. An all too common tragedy in the US, unfortunately.

  3. A beautiful prayer. Amen.

  4. Amen. xx

    So sad to think that this is needed. Gun Law reformation in the USA is sorely needed.


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