Tuesday 31 May 2022

Scarecrows Sorted!

We were up very early yesterday in order to get the bunting up and the scarecrows displayed. Bob was brilliant, as ever - up a ladder, fixing hooks, and doing the 'high' stuff, whilst I did the ground level part of the display. The word overkill was mentioned. Often! Having a corner property leaves plenty of scope for hanging all my flags

Charles and Greta at the table and an explanatory note on the fence. Nobody can say I am not taking this seriously. 

There should be a map produced showing where all the competition entries are situated. We'll have a walk round and view them later in the week.

"Where did you get your flags?" asked a neighbour, "they only seem to be selling Ukrainian ones in Dereham." I said I'd had most of them for years, and some I'd sewn up last week.

I really hope that there are lots in the village, but I suspect ours will be the only ones in the close. I didn't see any on my trip to the post office on Monday afternoon. 


  1. I'm very impressed! Nothing much in our village, but the next one is ornamented with much bunting and crochet, apparently.

    1. I have discovered there are 2 other scarecrows on display - but nobody is aware of any others [and the promised map has not appeared yet] A few houses have bunting and flags

  2. The Scarecrows are brilliant and your bunting and flags really look jolly!
    Greetings from the A69. We are driving to Dumfries from Hexham!

  3. Wow! You and Bob have done a lot of work and it is beautifully done. Have a wonderful celebration. ~ skye

  4. Your display is wonderful - festive and with meaning!

  5. You have done amazing things! I love the flags and the scarecrows are amazing. Nothing much happening here. I'm not sure if I'm relieved or envious.

  6. The scarecrows are brilliant, well done.


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