Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Arranged at My Own Convenience!

IM002744 Here's a very hardworking man, spending the final week of his holiday redecorating the en-suite bathroom.

We divided up the tasks according to our different gifts. So Bob [6'4"] gets to paint the ceiling, whilst I [4'11½"] get to kneel on the floor and paint behind the loo.

I know my place!

Yesterday I cleared out tIM002745he  big cupboard under the sink - and was horrified to find how much toothpaste and other 'personal hygiene' products were lurking there.Am I expecting a world shortage?


The trouble is, whenever Boots have a 'IM002746Bogof' offer, I stock up, on the grounds that we will always have a use for them. Not buying any more toiletries till 2009 at the earliest!

The existing tiles are creamy coloured with a pinky/peach floral design on 10% of them. The walls were the original cream, from when the house was built 17 years ago.

We've decided to pick up the pinky/peach colour on the walls nowIM002747.[B&Q 'Warm terracotta'] The paintwork is B&Q 'Buttermilk'

The other major change is removing the original carpet - which was a rather horrid, poor quality beige, and replacing with laminate flooring. [From IKEA]

The floor is proving the hardest part. Bob has diligently watched the DVD on 'Laying Laminate Flooring' twice through now. Sadly the size of the room, and lack of true right angles, coupled wiIM002748th plumbing fixtures means he is having to do a lot of template-making and cutting of strips, to make them fit round the pipes etc.

It will look lovely when it is all finished.

The last of these pictures seems to show the wall colour most accurately.

We are so blessed in having such a beautiful Manse to live in - and having an en suite is bliss [beats getting out of a sleeping bag in the tent at 3am and running across a field to the loo-block in the rain!]

Conversation in the Post Office this morning;

Sandra - So what are you doing this week, Angela, now you are back from Ireland?

Angela - Painting the bathroom. This colour [indicates small spot of paint on arm]

Sandra - Very nice. It's the same colour as the big splash of paint on your nose!

Bob has done the bulk of the work - my main role is encourager and tea-maker. [Oh, and I did clean the shower Very Thoroughly before we began, with Domestos Grot Buster, which worked wonders on the grouting. However, I will pass on Liz's helpful warning - use it in a well-ventilated room!]

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