Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Catalogue of errors?

This week I have had a Kleeneze catalogue and Betterware catalogue through the door, and a number of others through the post - mostly trying to tempt me into buying things I don't need. Lynn over at All Things Bright and Beautiful had an interesting post about this, this week. As Christians we try and live simply, then get seduced by the things on offer. As Liz pointed out once, many tools in the Lakeland Catalogue are quite unnecessary if you have a good sharp knife!tearcraft catalogue

However, there IS a lot of fun stuff in the new Tearcraft catalogue which arrived this morning. There are things in there I would be quite happy to a; possess or b; give as gifts- and feel better knowing that the people who produce them have been paid a fair wage and treated with dignity.

I also like their idea about "Living Gifts" - an interesting twist on the vouchers produced by Oxfam etc ["I have given you a toilet in Nigeria", or a flock of geese in Chad, or whatever] Instead of that, the recipient gets a code for an e-voucher and they can choose how it is spent.

Their Christmas cards for this year are good too- PROPER ones, with 'Nativity story' pictures and Christian sentiments. None of the robins/holly/snowmen/Victorian scenes which annoy me so much. Why are so many of my friends embarrassed to send cards which remind people of the true meaning of Christmas?

Apologies to those of you who feel that I shouldn't be mentioning Christmas while we are still in August - it never hurts to plan ahead!

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