Wednesday, 27 August 2008

It is BOUND to rain!

Sunday 14th September is our Village Fun Day. Bob is doing the PA. This event, like Topsy, has 'just growed' and this year they are using even more space and need more loudspeakers.

The weather being as it is, Bob has decided he needs proper waterproof covers for his gear. These cost a fortune - but he is convinced that I can sew anything if I put my mind to it. So I went to B&Q for this - a 5m x 4m tarpaulin, I have ordered some coated ripstop nylon from PointNorth, and spent much of the day measuring, making patterns and cutting out.

green tarp The idea is that the bulk of the cover is the tarp fabric and the front, where the grille is, is covered by the nylon which doesn't impede the sound too much, but is still waterproof.

It is OK for the big Behringer Sub Woofers like this. They are simple cuboidsbehringer

Anybody can sew a cuboid shaped cover.

[Oh, forgot to say he wants nylon drawstring cords at the bottom to stop flapping and keep covers in place.

The main problems come with the wedge-shaped speakers.

They are rather a challenge.

wedge speaker

I have been crawling round the floor with a tape measure and tearing my hair out!

Watch this space.

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