Saturday, 6 July 2013


It is SO hot! and I have three sewing machines on the dining table [once set up, the embroidery machine beavers away by itself, so I can actually have two machines going at once]


Having finished Ellie’s prom dress yesterday, today I am hoping to complete all these tasks for friends and family**

  • two holiday skirts shortened for teaching colleague
  • one large, strong bag for another teacher friend
  • 16 labels for aprons [for a friend’s new coffee shop]
  • a special apron requested by my Aunt
  • some finishing off for one of my Wednesday Pupils
  • a heavy duty DIY bag requested by Bob
  • a Cornerstones' project

I think that’s all! I am glad it is warm enough to eat all our meals at the table in the garden

[**because I need to get all sewing stuff out of the way before our visitors arrive]


  1. Wow, that's some feat.
    Love from Mum

  2. boy, Angela, you are a one woman army! We are nice and cool here - it being our winter - still mild thank goodness. Cheers

  3. Isn't the weather just the best, best thing?! Are you having visitors? I hope you'll not feel you have to do spotless housework on their behalf. I'm not sure they're housetrained, if I know them... I have dubbed this my Have a Go summer, on the sewing front, but you have more projects lined up in one day than I have for two months!


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