Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Lighten Our Darkness!

fosse park angelThe local big shopping centre at Fosse Park usually marks Advent by putting a lovely illuminated herald angel on the roundabout.

Sadly not this year – we have a BMW parked there instead.

I hope the angel replaces the car sometime soon.


Our Village Parish Council usually puts lights in the two trees around the War Memorial, and Christmas lights [stars and snowflakes] on the lamp-posts.


THIS year, the PC says they do not have the money for this, so we just have two sparkly trees and a row of undecorated  lamp-posts.

It’s a good job that the Free Church has been able to put up the Nativity scene again.{I am so going to miss seeing this next year!]



  1. The angel is spectacular (in more ways than one!).
    Jane x

  2. The angel is beautiful! I really like your nativity scene too! I'd also like to see the lovely lit nativity scene st the Baptist church where I used to live. They had a great one.x


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