Friday, 18 September 2015

One Ring To Rule Them All…

…one ring to bind them!


So, why is the Pastor in the back garden before 8am, wearing gauntlets and goggles, with a ring on his finger?

And why is there another stack of rings on the table beside him?

It is another of those “tasks that theological college never told you about when preparing for ministry” moments.


The new extension to our worship area meant we needed new chairs. The older heavy, non-stacking ones [with pinky-red upholstery] have gone to another, smaller chapel who can make good use of them

P1020190And we have lots of new, lovely, lighter, stacking chairs, with an attractive heathery coloured fabric [this picture doesn’t do it justice]

Much more versatile – easier to move into different arrangements, space saving when stacked, and, to use the jargon phrase, generally more fit-for-purpose. But…P1020191They each have ‘one ring to bind them’ – when they are in a line, you can slot the front left leg of one chair into a ring on the adjacent chair. It keeps things straight.P1020194

But the end chair in the row, has nothing linked- and the little ring sticks out, and we have already had a few folk catch their feet. Hence the Pastor is out there in his protective gear, with the angle grinder, removing the ring from the end-of-row chairs! [Which will then have a discreet mark on the top so they can be identified easily when the chairs are put out]

So when Bob says “I’m going back to the grind” he really means it!

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  1. Ha, I love that!!! Your husband is a very caring man! We have one ring to bind them chairs too and our church is often used for blood donation or assemblies from school so frequently we have to unjoin them and stack them- they are soooooo heavy!!x


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