Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Playing TheTrump Card

I am always grateful for comments, even if they disagree with my post. I received one from another blogger this evening- which she followed up half an hour later asking me not to post it. [fortunately comment #1 had not been posted promptly]

However, this is a comment from someone whose blog I enjoy - and who shares many of my values and beliefs. I may disagree, but I respect her, and am interested in her take on the situation. After all, she has lived in the USA all her life - this is her attempt to help shed light on the situation, and I am all in favour of people trying to understand each other. I am publishing the comment anonymously.  
As an American and a Republican and a possible Trump supporter, I think I can shed some light on your question. First off, I say “possible” because I am not sure yet. I don’t know I will EVER be completely sure. I am not a political person, I am a God-fearing Christian and I like to view the world from a religious view, rather than political. I think the support for Trump comes from citizens wanting “something else” and “something different”. Life in the US has changed so dramatically in the last 40-50 years, it isn’t even recognisable as the US I was born and grew up in. Our economy is gone, jobs taken away, security lacking…we no longer lay claim to things that made America what it was when I was a child. Growing up then was all "God, family and pride in being American." Now religious rights have been put on the back burner and families are no longer nurtured and revered…this is just one person’s answer to what she thinks is going on.
As the awful news continues to come through of what has happened in Brussels today, let us continue to pray for peace in our world, comfort for those who suffer, and for those who mourn, and wisdom for world leaders - whoever, wherever they are.


  1. yes, I believe that prayer is what we need the most -- I don't think humans can fix the problems but we know who can and to Him we should appeal with all our hearts.

  2. “...I believe in a God of scandalous grace. I have pledged allegiance to a King who loved evildoers so much he died for them, teaching us that there is something worth dying for but nothing worth killing for.”
    ― Shane Claiborne

  3. It is so sad the things that are happening everywhere. One can certainly see God getting ready to send Jesus back. Prayer is needed for the whole world. I agree with the person who posted about Trump. I am in Canada and it is much the same here. The governments are not trusted, people want change and in the effort to do so, are going into a deeper muck. The homeless, working poor, Seniors and the very low income people in both the US and Canada are being put aside to help others around the world. I don't believe there is a person in either country that disagrees with helping other countries, but when the governments don't put anything forward to helping those in our countries who are the least of these, that is what all the anger is about. In my own country, the government has had to airlift numerous small children to hospitals here in the cities. They have developed some type of rash and bumps all over the body. Many parents won't see their children till they are healed and brought home. None of the Drs or government are saying anything and this community is angry and afraid. Many of these smaller northern communities do not have safe water nor do they have water treatment stations and they do not have running water or flush toilets. All levels of government for my whole life 62 years have done nothing about it. I have lived in a community like these and it is no picnic. Sorry for the rant my feelings are strong on this and there are so many more issues, yet refugees coming in are given everything they will ever need. People are just tired of the unfairness of what government does. Please don't think in anyway we don't want the refugees, we open our arms to help, we just want the same for those already in our countries of Canada and the US.

  4. Sorry, I forgot to mention how much I enjoy you Pause in Lent every year. Thanks, your writings are appreciated.

  5. I will join you in your prayer for peace, comfort and wisdom.


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