Monday, 30 October 2017

All God's Creation...

... is very good!
That is the theme of next year's Women's World Day of Prayer [Friday 2nd March] which has been prepared by the women of Suriname. This amazing country, at the top of South America, is blessed with stunning wildlife, in the forests and rivers, and along the coastline - and a variety of beautiful plants - but sadly Suriname is also blighted by deforestation and pollution. The service considers our responsibility to be good stewards of creation.
During October and November, I've been travelling to groups all over the place to help them prepare for the service.
It is great to meet so many women committed to prayer, and to serving others and concerned for our planet.

The latest version of our WWDP Magazine, Together in Prayer, features lots of information about next year's service, and the 'writing country'. At the end of each Preparation Day, I like to give all the participants something to take home - a reminder of what we have learned together, and something which will inspire them to go on praying for the country, even before we get to The Day Itself, next March.
But what to do for Suriname. Bob suggested little toads [Suriname Toads are quite fascinating] But it seemed inappropriate to buy a few hundred plastic Amazonian toads from Amazon - knowing most would eventually end up in landfill. I decided I would celebrate instead the beautiful butterflies of the forest - but make them entirely from materials I had already.
I have a lovely little butterfly punch, which cuts out and embosses butterflies about 5cm across.
I prepared about 350 of these, using old greetings cards.
Then, using double sided tape, I stuck a short length of lace to each one, to make a bookmark. I had plenty of scraps of lace in my Great Stash. I think they look really pretty, and they have been very well received. 
I love butterflies. There is a charming Victorian story called "Charlotte the Caterpillar" in Mrs Gatty's Parables from Nature [retold in a more modern version 30 years ago] about a nervous little caterpillar who is anxious about the future, and how she overcomes her fears. It is one I have told time and time again to children.
I only have three more Preparation Days left to do now [Herne Bay, Norwich and Devizes] I have enjoyed meeting people and enthusing about WWDP - but all the early morning starts and long journeys have been quite tiring.
I'm still in school twice a week...and the preparations are continuing for all the Church Christmas Events. I am grateful for the health and energy to be able to do these all things - and pleased that I have an opportunity to use my crafting skills to bless others.


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