Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Back In Time For the Factory

I am loving this programme. Yes, it has the ubiquitous, but charming, Alex Jones leading the team [honestly, I think that either she, or Fiona Bruce, appears on at least 50% of the programmes I watch lately]
I'm thinking of applying for a job in the Textile Firm.
It is only September, but already the machines are out and I am busy sewing Nativity Costumes.
On Friday I spent an hour in the loft, going through the boxes of the Great Stash, and came down with armfuls of fabric [should that be armsful?]
I spent another hour on Saturday sorting and ironing, and again on Sunday afternoon, cutting out robes and tunics.
Monday I began the process of sewing -  and had completed 30 basic garments by the time I stopped to watch Monkman and Seagull [no Alex or Fiona on that show!] M&S are very enthusiastic and entertaining 
The Dining Room is now my little factory, with the dress rail receiving items as they are completed. More pictures will follow... 
 I'm leaving all the angel robes till last...


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