Saturday, 8 September 2018

Zero Waste Week - My Results

On Sunday evening, I emptied all the bins inside the house, so I could see exactly what did get thrown away.  These were my rules;

  • items which went into the food caddy under the sink did not count, as these are collected regularly by the council for their anaerobic digester- it is turned into compost, soil improvers, and is an energy source. 
  • items which went into the general recycling bin did not count - glass, paper, cans, and some plastics can be recycled into new products.
  • everything else would either go into one container in the kitchen or into the bathroom bin. These two would be considered my 'waste for the week'
  • finally, I would make every effort to avoid accumulating uneccessary waste - carrying a cotton shopping bag, and a travel mug when I went out and refusing receipts when I could [sometimes a receipt is necessary for proof of purchase]

So how did I get on?
I put the wipes from the bathroom bin in a small charity bag that came through the door, and that, along with my kitchen [nonfood] and other rubbish fitted inside a small jar.
Also in the picture is a ramekin and a small jiffy bag. They represent the ramekin which jumped off the shelf and smashed, and the bag I used to contain the resulting bits of glass! 
Here's my bin with the waste from the jar - a small layer on the bottom. 
The wheelie bin says 140litres on the top. I had between 200 - 250ml of "landfill" rubbish over the five days. If that was my regular waste, it would take 8 YEARS to fill my bin. 
I know this is unrealistic - food shopping at the weekend will yield more plastic wrapping. 
Do you think the Zero-Waste gurus who say "my family makes just one jar of waste a year" never ever smash anything? [or replace their phone or laptop]


  1. I found I could not 'do' zero waste. I'm not going shopping with glass jars as don't really have a 'fill your own' shop near us. Supermarket veg I put in the plastic bags provided but use the bags again for my bread but these will eventually end up in the bin. Cat food does not come loose!

  2. I generated two bags of cat litter box waste and half a bag of kitchen waste. I will add the half a bag of fabric scraps to the kitchen waste, when I take it out to the trash can, tomorrow. In addition, I generated two bags of recyclable items - paper, cans, glass, plastic, etc.


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