Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Fluffy Fluffy! [Or Faffy Faffy?]

In Japanese - "Fuwa Fuwa!" means Fluffy, Fluffy! This is the name of a new pancake shop which has opened up a few branches around London. Japanese Fluffy Pancakes are traditionally served at weddings etc- and are the latest 'street snack' in the Metropolis.
I read about them last week in the Guardian.
The basic principle is that you beat the egg whites separately before combing with the other ingredients to make a very fluffy pancake mixture. This is then cooked [relatively slowly] and flipped. Once the other side is cooked, you serve them - usually in stacks of two or three, with toppings of your choice.
If you buy these souffle like concoctions in the Westfield Shopping Centre, they will set you back around £7 for two or three. That seemed rather a lot to me [but then I am notoriously mean about such things]
They did look rather tasty though, with their scoop of ice cream and jug of sauce.

So I googled the recipe [click here for recipe] Lo and behold, the one I found required three egg whites and a whole egg. And I had egg whites in the fridge left over from the custard tarts [how clever of the Japanese to find a way to use up the rest of my Portuguese ingredients!] Excellent for Zero Waste Week.
It was a bit of a faff producing the rings - which I did with cereal packet card and tinfoil [afterwards I washed the tinfoil, and recycled everything]
Mine are not as yellow as the Fuwa ones, and I forgot to dust with icing sugar before I served them. We had syrup, sliced banana, Nutella and plain yogurt as toppings.
Conclusion; they were a pleasant, fluffy treat for breakfast, but required a lot of work - three mixing bowls- one with egg whites and cream of tartar, one with dry ingredients and one with egg yolk and other wet ingredients. Personally I don't think they will be back on the Manse Menu anytime soon.
Now if the US company IHOP [International House Of Pancakes]were to open a branch in the UK, that would be a different matter. But as Bob says, if they did, he would probably end up being 'as large as a house' himself.


  1. I like pancakes, but has I live on my own I treat my self to a box of M & S pancake mixture.
    I really enjoy your posts.
    Hazel c uk

  2. I must send a link to this post to my daughter, who loves all things Japanese. :)


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