Sunday, 9 September 2018

Doing Good

This is our new motto text for the coming year in the life of our church.
I like it for lots of reasons - it is good to encourage one another when we feel tired, and to inspire one another to do good. And it is important to remember the promise of a harvest at the proper time.
Bob suggested when he gave these bookmarks out last week that we should put them in our Bibles. My Bible is already bursting at the seams with bookmarks- I find it more helpful to have this on my fridge!
In a world of broken promises, unkind deeds, fake news, and selfish actions, these positive things are a challenge.
Tohoyiko Kagawa, an amazing Japanese Christian [1888-1960] who was totally committed to peace, evangelism, and social activism, is credited with saying these words
"I read in a book that a man named Christ went about doing good. It is very disconcerting to me that I am so easily satisfied with just going about"
I think TK deserves a bit more recognition in the 21st century. He didn't just talk about doing good - he went out there and did it! Among his many achievements he developed a three-dimensional forestry programme, to the benefit of many poor Japanese upland farmers. He encouraged them to plant trees, which had 3 benefits- the conservation of the soil, the production of food for humans, and fodder for the animals. 


  1. This is so timely as I'm just home after a very long Sunday and feeling a wee bit overwhelmed at the moment.
    I was up at 6am and at church for 9:15 - got the Bible study group set up with their coffee and then got everything out and arranged for Fellowship Hour. It was a long service and I slipped out after Communion to make the tea and get everything set out. Had help with clean up as I had a committee meeting at noon - have to do a write up for the bulletin regarding our team for the Waterfront Marathon on Oct. 21st (most will be doing 5 or 10km). Then I had a 1pm meeting for all of us who run "The Better English Cafe" - Tuesday night English lessons for those who are here studying or for new arrivals. We have lesson plans set for the next two months now. I was tired already but had promised to meet friends who are here from N.I. for a late lunch/early supper. It was nice to see everyone but I am tired - after a rather lethargic Summer everything seems to be gearing up at once!
    These words are very encouraging.

  2. That is such an apt reminder! Thank you for that! It is so simple yet so crucial for it to be at the heart of us.


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