Monday, 10 September 2018

Going Raven Mad!

I've had a lot of fun in the past couple of weeks preparing some teaching materials for the children at church.Including finger puppets for use when telling Bible stories.
Here we have the prophet Elijah, hiding by the brook at Cherith, being fed by the ravens [I Kings 17] and the Good Shepherd, who lost one of his sheep [Luke 15]
Technically, I don't think ravens have paler undersides to their wings - but it made them look more fun.
When I did the lovebirds and owls back in August, I carefully kept all my felt trimmings in a little bag. Even the tiniest scraps can be used for a beak, or a hand, or a moustache.[Zero Waste again]

Last week at our Craft and Coffee group, a lady came in with a carrier bag "I'm decluttering, I thought you might have a use for some brown felt" she said. How generous! I told her about my finger puppets and said yes, brown felt would be useful, thankyou. It is quite a big bag...Perhaps I should plan a lesson on Genesis 41 and Pharaoh's Seven Fat [and Seven Thin] Cows

Other suggestions for Bible Story Finger Puppets requiring lots of brown felt will gratefully received and considered


  1. What about making some Cedars of Lebanon? Or an ark (with various brown animals- cows, horses,) or make the disciples dressed in brown robes?
    These are really cute puppets!

  2. Very cute ravens and sheep! Good use of the bits and pieces of felt, too. Maybe you can make a Noah's Ark with the brown felt? With lots of brown animals - bears and camels and horses, for example.

  3. Camels at Christmas with Wise men?

  4. Noah's ark definitely - along with some camels (are donkey's brown as well as grey?). Also the stable & manger set up for baby Jesus.


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