Sunday, 7 April 2019

Flowers Don't Worry - Why Should You?

This one from Spencer's Wilderness Series is called "Consider The Lilies"
I love the depiction of Jesus, on his hands and knees, studying the blooms closely.
He is leaving them growing where they are- he hasn't picked any, and he is looking intently at their shape, form, and colour.
Last week we gave out 80 primula plants at church to every lady present [not just the mothers]  Our local Glenacres Nursery provides us with good quality plants every year at a very fair price. 
Each plant was presented in a carrier bag- easy for people to take home, and a reminder of Jesus words
Look how the flowers grow, not even King Solomon with all his wealth had clothes as beautiful as these flowers. 
So don't worry about your needs, your Father knows about them. 
Instead be concerned with the Kingdom and he will provide you with these things.


  1. That's interesting that the painting is titled "Consider the lilies" but the flowers painted are daisies. :) I'm sure the ladies in the church appreciated receiving such lovely flowering plants.

  2. Such a lovely idea as the plants will remind the recipients of the message for a long time.

  3. I enjoy so much to see all those paintings and the words you write about them. I think the idea with the primulas was so great, a good way to share God's love.

    1. Thank you Marit - do you have "Mothers' Day" in Norway? When is it celebrated?

  4. This was a wonderful gesture. I like the idea of a plant rather than cut flowers as the love of Jesus and the gesture of your church lives on as a reminder!x


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