Monday, 22 April 2019

It's A Miracle!

That phrase isn't one you often see as a headline in the Guardian. But there it was on Saturday. One of the most wonderful news stories to come out of a sad week. 
On one of the roofs of Notre Dame Cathedral there are a row of beehives [rooftop apiary is a big thing in Paris]  each one home to 60,000 bees
Nicolas Géant, the Cathedral Beekeeper, has confirmed that the bees have survived the fire, and the hives are OK.
The firefighters would not let him go up to check, but aerial photos taken the morning after the fire showed the hives intact.
It appears that although the high temperatures would have posed some risk, the carbon dioxide in the smoke would have simply intoxicated them and sent them to sleep.
It is indeed a miracle - 180,000 hardworking little creatures slept through it all, then woke up next day and got on with their work. 
Yesterday's lovely photo of bees buzzing round a gargoyle is further encouragement to Monsieur ant and to us all [taken by Beeopic Apiculture, the French Urban Beekeeping Company]
I love bees- I planted my 'Get Buzzing' seeds on Friday afternoon. Don't forget World Bee Day coming up on May 20th.
Here's the Bee Blessed Prayer which I wrote last year
...Father God, 
you made these tiny creatures, 
as part of your wonderful creation, 
and they are a blessing to me, and we need them if humans are to survive on our planet. 
Scientists have studied their colonies and are still learning more about them -
the way they serve their queen, 
the way they work in the hive, 
building the beautiful hexagonal waxen cells, 
all the properties of their honey to nourish and to heal, 
and their amazing flying dances 
which tell other bees where to find the nectar,
...Help me to learn from the bees –  
to serve you, my King, 
to work alongside my brothers and sisters, 
to build your Kingdom, 
to feed the hungry, 
and to help others to find your love.
...As I am bee-blessed, so may I be a blessing


  1. I was so delighted to see that on the news the other day.

  2. That is, indeed, good news. We need all the good news we can get. I am grateful for the miracle of the bees.

  3. I love bees too. There is a honey farm here in Devon where you can see into the hives and watch the bees. They are amazing!


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