Saturday, 13 April 2019

Fun And Food In Ferndown

It was all happening in Ferndown on Thursday! Bob dropped me off in the car on his way to the Church Office so I could collect a library book, post a card and sort out a prescription. But I was a little too early so I meandered round the one CS which opens at 9, then went into the Library at 9.30. They were having a Hobbies Day - "have a look and try something new" it said. Not all the stalls were set up, even by the time I left. But I had a pleasant conversation with the two sewing ladies, and the Library Assistant brought me a cup of tea.
The Airfix Model Makers were interesting chaps, I liked their little boat. It all felt a teensy bit 'girls upstairs, boys downstairs' - with sewing, knitting, colouring pictures and jigsaws  in the Library Meeting Room [where the kettle is, and lots of seats!] and model boats and jeeps and planes downstairs. If there were gents knitting, or women piloting radio controlled planes, I saw no sign of it. 
But the people were friendly and proud to display their activities. I couldn't see any opportunities for 'hands on, trying-out' though.
I collected my reserved book and strolled back through the precinct past the big display trailer. DorsetForYou [the Council] were putting on a Roadshow about waste - and handing out leaflets to encourage us to use the correct bins, as well as having a cookery display about making good meals from leftovers.
The chap was taking the innards from jacket potatoes, mashing them with cheese, and baking them in the oven - before pouring over a sauce made from a can of tomatoes and chopped spring onions, with a parsley garnish.
I don't think he specified what the leftovers were [and as I had seen him come out of Tesco earlier, and unload his purchases onto the worktop, I knew that strictly speaking, none of it was!]
To be honest I was a little disappointed - maybe the recipes got more interesting later. At least there were stools to sit on if you felt tired [I did] Not many people were stopping to watch him- I think it was too slow for families with children[watching a man stir sauce in a pan isn't particularly thrilling] and the older folk may have felt unable to clamber up onto the stools. We would have done with a bit more interaction,but he was very focussed on his food prep.
I walked home quite slowly. I suspect I'd done a little bit too much- and felt dizzy just after passing the M&S Foodhall. Very grateful that I could call in at a friend a few doors along, and sit down with a glas sof water in their kitchen [memo to self; take a bottle of water in the bag next time] I got home and had a rest before going to the Lunch Club and then the Dentist.
It was good to be outside in the sunshine though, and I really did enjoy looking at the quilts on display in the Library. 


  1. This type of thing sounds good. It's nice to know people are sharing their studies, particularly in a time where less people seem to have them. Pity about the food demo. I think people have become less willing to have a 'Make do' meal or lack the imagination to make them so it is good that people are trying to pass that skill/knowledge on.

  2. It sounds like a lot were going on that day!

  3. Sounds like there was a lot going on that day and you had a busy Thursday! Yes, I've learned to take a bottle of water with me, no matter where I go, these days, and I have a granola bar or something like that in my purse at all times. :)


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