Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Sitting Tenant

There's this guy, sitting on top of a hill staring out at the Yorkshire Dales
Some say he reminds them of Jeremy Corbyn [can't see it myself - although he does have a beard and a scruffy jacket]
He has a stunning view- and he's there in all weathers...
...sunshine, showers or snow, day and night. He sits there in his three-legged stool, holding his bag on his knees, and wondering at the amazing view in front of him. He's been there since 2017.
Did I mention that he is 3 metres tall? and that he is made of painted bronze? He's a creation of the gifted sculptor Sean Henry[ check out his website here]
Some like "The Seated Man", and others do not. But for two years he has been up there on Castleton Rigg, in the North York Moors National Park, surveying the landscape. The land he sits on is actually owned by David Ross [co-founder of CarphoneWarehouse] and DR commissioned the artwork.
But there's a problem - so many people have climbed the hill to see the Man 'up close' that sadly they have caused serious erosion to the land, caused car parking problems, and even worse, they have created a dreadful litter problem. One wonders who these thoughtless people are - that surrounded by so much beauty they can still manage to drop crisp packets, plastic bottles and sweet wrappers. I would not describe them as either art- or nature-lovers.
The Parks Authority is concerned - and so the Man is being relocated to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, some 80 miles south, near Wakefield. Sean is sorry the Man has to move- but says it is right that the moorland be given time to recover. 
I hope when this Yorkshireman gets to the YSP, they sit him down in a spot with a good view! His 'twin' [left] is seated atop a golf course in New Zealand. 
From my point of view, Wakefield is a little easier to visit. Another place on my ever-lengthening list of 'daytrips from Manchester'. One of these days I will get up to stay with  Steph and Gaz for a week!
Have you seen the Seated Man? [or have you seen the NZ one?]
What was your impression of him?


  1. That is so sad that people abuse the environment like that with their rubbish. It is so selfish and bizarre. The sculpture is excellent!x

  2. The Yorkshire Sculpture Park is just down the road from us. There is a similar man stood leaning over a rail looking out to sea at Portwilliam near to our cottage in Scotland. He fits in so well down near the harbour I would miss him if he was carried off! I must have my picture taken with him next time lest they do.
    I already have a picture taken with the sitting lady on my home blog page taken at the Stillingfleet Gardens.

  3. Haven't seen either seated men, but the visitors littering the place and damaging the area remind me of the problems some areas here had when the wild flowers bloomed in the spring. We had lots of wild flowers due to the recent rains and people were causing traffic jams, not staying on the paths, trampling the flowers in their attempts to get their "selfies", etc., that the authorities had to close the roads and access to the area!

  4. Oh I love this! A BFG. Is the coloured face a bit scary? Shame about the footprint from the footfall.


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