Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Never In A Month Of Sundaes!

Last Friday, when we stopped at the Motorway Services en route to Telford, my phone buzzed with two pictures from Jon. The family were in Morrison's Supermarket, up in Norfolk and also having a coffee break. Rosie was clearly enjoying her treat
Little-Miss-Two-Spoons is shown here, tucking into the "Children's Sundae". Liz said "I didn't realise the Kid's Sundae would actually be the size of the kid!" I drank my coffee and read the paper. This headline caught my eye.

"I could give them advice on portion control" I thought. but then I read the article. It is about the fresh/deli counters, where items are weighed out individually for each customer.
"This new service aims to reduce the amount of food thrown away in customers’ homes – which amounts to £500-a-year – according to the government’s Food Waste Champion. Its fresh food counters means that customers shopping at Morrisons can purchase the exact amounts of food they need. Morrisons has listened to many customers who struggle to know how much food to buy."
This does seem like a good idea to me - if it is going to reduce food waste, then it is definitely to be encouraged. 
I doubt any of Rosie's Sundae got wasted- I imagine her parents helped out if there was any left!


  1. That's HUGE!
    (I'm now feeling the need to go to Morrisons in Diss for a sundae as I've never eaten one ever!)

  2. Wow, that is a big one! If that's the kid size, I dread to think what the size of the adult's one is!

  3. I love how she's eating it with two spoons! You need two spoons for a sundae like that! Now I want to see the size of the adults' sundae! LOL.

  4. As I live in the middle of nowhere, I just learnt (because of Morrisons announcement) that in most countries and most markets all vegetables are sold somehow wrapped on pre-packed. Odd to me, as I have always bought almost everything loose, only last ten years grapes have been in plastic containers, they used to be loose too. Of course most people here uses those thin plastic bags for fruits and veggies, but they can pick just the right amount whatever they are buying.
    Ignorace is a bliss, now I feel a bit fool for myself as I honestly didn't understand it before.

  5. Wish we'd had phone cameras in the 60s - I have a memory of my little brother with one of those, he had to stand on the seat to eat it!

  6. It is huge!!!! She looks so joyous!!! I think some of our parents need advice on portion size!!

  7. What a great photo - she is really enjoying herself - but wow - I love ice cream and I'd have trouble getting through that one! :-)
    Morrison may no be as altruistic as you think - supermarkets here have a lot of those deli style counters with both hot and cold options - and they tend to cost a small fortune!


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